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Vár Bech Árting (FO) started her training at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School and is currently in her 2nd year at Northerrn School of Contemporary Dance.

She has worked with choreographers such as Anton Lackhy, Anna Williams and Rannvá Guðrunardóttir Niclasen. Choreographed for and colaborated with, Dansiexperimentið, Barbara Lervig and Frum. Working with sitespecific, screen and stage performance.


Vár Bech Árting



Mette Nilsen

Mette Nilsen (NO) trained at Spin Off before moving on to Northern School of Contemporary Dance where she is now in her 3rd year. During her training she has worked with choreographers such as Lise Tiller, Ambra Succi, The Hiccup Project and Wayne Parsons. 

Mette is excited to join EDGE for her Masters in Performance at The Place in 20/21.


Lisa Chearles

Lisa Chearles (SIN) has trained with the M1-Frontier Danceland PULSE Programme for 4 years, as well as completed an internship with Frontier Danceland, a leading contemporary dance company in Singapore. She is currently in her second year at Northern School of Contemporary Dance.


Vár Bech Árting


IG: @varbarting